· Craft materials and Techniques ·

We collect and work the seashells with completely handmade techniques.

During the winter we work in the sand of the beaches of our area collecting shells. This work must be carried out “in situ” with which we avoid degrading the sand.

We usually use shells of univalve gastropod mollusks and bivalve mollusks, around which our culture strongly linked to the sea has developed a world-renowned gastronomy.

Once the selection of the shells has been obtained, separated by varieties, sizes and colors, the creative process begins to give life to our designs.

The treatment of the shells is different depending on the pieces that are going to be created, being sometimes treated with oils or varnishes to give them shine, polish or dye them. The process of threading and sewing requires a lot of precision, to prevent them from breaking. Even so, split shells are used to create new creations.

In the case of the necklaces, the beads are threaded with cotton, silk or silk thread, until they are given the desired shape and length. To finish them we use different types of fittings, pieces in silver or gold, bows…

The Force of Tradition