Bolso Nasa Arousa
Edición Limitada
Creatividad collareira
desde O Grove, Galicia.
Que la energía del mar,
te acompañe cada día.

Montse Betanzos creations, essence of craftsmanship and passion for sea shell design.


En Montse Betanzos llevamos la creativity and craftsmanship in the blood (we are the 3rd generation), mixed with a marked innovative spirit that pushes us to create unique, genuine and timeless pieces in costume jewelery and accessories with seashells.

We create handmade jewelry and accessories with seashells that make you fall in love!


Montse Betanzos

Sets (7)

Rings (6)

Necklaces (10)

Pendant (2)

Earrings (14)

Bracelets (9)

Sandals (4)

Hats (6)

Handbags (4)

Brooches (5)

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The trade of “collareira” dates back almost two hundred years and is traditional in the village of O Grove, totally linked to the sea around the Arousa Estuary, where is located the tourist island of La Toja. It is only here where, for generations, artisan women exhibited and sold their craft creations.

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We tell you the collareiro world of Montse Betanzos: events, workshops, curiosities ...

Montse Betanzos in the media

Craftsmanship and creativity from a magical corner of the Atlantic, O Grove.